How to Make Your Own Carpet Cleaner

Jan 17
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dad and daughter  on the cleaned carpetIf you want to clean your carpet there is an easy way to make your own carpet cleaner from household products. It has many benefits but probably the most important are that you will save money from buying commercial cleaning products and making your own with cheap household ingredients. Another good reason is that your living space and atmosphere will be eco-friendly and save enough for living without using chemicals for cleaning in it. Here you are the guidelines how to do your green carpet cleaner and to make your home eco-friendly.

Follow the instructions below given from trustworthy experts from their everyday cleaning practice.

  • Fill a gallon of clean water in a bucket;
  • Pour a half cup of distilled white vinegar;
  • Add less than a half cup of baking soda in the mixture;
  • Mix the ingredients well until a paste is formed;
  • When you’re going to clean a carpet or a rug, spread this paste on its surface using a special brush for scrubbing;
  • Work the carpet from one corner to another;
  • For areas with stains, you can use elbow grease to remove them;
  • When all the solution has been spread on the carpet, let it to dry completely;
  • When the home-made carpet solution is dried, vacuum the caprets;
  • As expert cleaners from Cockfosters suggest, after this cleaning carpet procedure, the carpets are clean and there is no remaining cleaning solution on them.

Keep in mind that there are other possible home-made cleaning solutions you can use for cleaning your carpets. This is just an example of one of them.

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